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Anyview Pro offers all the features of the Anyview system in a flexible solution that can be tailored to your particular needs.

The Pro consists of a stylish head unit which can be used with an optional plinth, for standing consultations, or it can be sited on a dispensing table for seated consultations.

The head unit itself houses the standard high-precision 10 Megapixel camera, but the camera is mounted on an internal motorised mechanism which moves the camera up and down to the required height.

Importantly, the camera mount enables you to tilt the camera offering the ability to capture facial images from different angles, resulting in even more accurate measurements.

Anyview Pro has a number of configuration options and optional extras, detailed below:

Plinth options

pro_table_usage.jpgAnyview Pro can be shipped with a plinth to stand the head unit on, or can be shipped without a plinth so you can position the unit on an existing dispensing table.

There are two plinth options:

  1. Table
  2. Stand

It means you can choose a configuration which best suits your consulting area, enabling the Anyview Pro to fit in seamlessly with the surroundings.

Attached 15'' touch-screen monitor

pro_stand_usage.jpgAnyview Pro can be configured in one of three ways regarding displays:

  • Without an attached monitor
  • With a 15'' monitor attached to the unit via an adjustable arm
  • With a second monitor or plasma TV linked to the unit but positioned away from it on a desk, for example.

These configuration options mean you can choose a display option which is best suited to your work area and get the best use out of your Anyview system.

Embedded/Non-Embedded PC

Anyview Pro can be shipped with or without a computer embedded within the unit. The Embedded option means the unit is pre-installed with all required software and can be run out of the box. The Non-Embedded option means you can install the software on your own desktop computer.

Near PD Measurement solution

The optional Near PD Measurement solution consists of a tablet connected to the unit which takes a picture of the patient while focussing on the tablet screen.

From this picture, accurate measurements can be made of the patient's near PD.


Network configuration option

Each Anyview Pro installation can be networked to up to a maximum of six dispensing desks, allowing the dispense to be carried out in a more relaxed environment, whilst freeing the main system for the next patient.

Each networked client not only allows the measurement data to be transferred, but also all 3D dispensing content as well as providing a database facility.



Anyview Pro can be shipped with an optional colour laser printer so that you can print out all images which allows the patient to discuss with friends or family before making their final choice.

Product Accessories

  • Jig

  • Head Mount Mirror

  • Jig Case

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